WestCare Battle Buddy Educator in Forest City, Iowa

Job Description:

Position Summary:

This individual will work in all aspects of training service dogs including attending trainings, doing demos, field trips, speaking engagements, fundraising, sponsorships and other needs of the program. Essential Job Functions include those listed below. Other Duties may be assigned as needed.

  • Must attend FAVA volunteer orientation;

  • Must read and sign all FAVA required paperwork;

  • will participate in all Battle Buddy Educator trainings, in person is preferable, Skype Or other means are secondary and only used when absolutely necessary. If a training Cannot be attended, the Battle Buddy Educator must make all attempts to reschedule Their training with FAVA's Battle Buddy Coordinator;

  • will complete the Battle Buddy Inventory checklist to verify you have received all of The service dog training supplies and equipment at the time of placement;

  • will always care for the service dog. Keeping the dog safe and always under a watchful eye. Never turning the dog out by itself to go to the bathroom but using the training techniques to teach the dog to potty on command. Training with treats, food, play and praise throughout the day so the dog has consistency. Keeping the service dog clean, area clean, crate/kennel clean, chew toys and bones/antlers clean and all of its living area and surrounding area clean and free of items that could choke, hurt or make the service dog sick or injured.; will attend regular field trips for service dogs;

  • will assist with work on donations and attend Battle Buddy events;

  • will promote BB program and application process to receive a service dog;

  • will attend all BB events, graduations and other things involving the Battle Buddy Program; 1

  • will follow the training techniques taught on a regular and consistent basis and not teach the service dog other things not in the program without first getting approval;

  • will be available for additional one-on-one trainings as needed;

  • at such time the FAVA Battle Buddy Educator's role as a service dog trainer ends, the service dog, along with all Battle Buddy supplies will be delivered to FAVA facility or picked up by Battle Buddy Coordinator or FAVA Director;

  • Embrace and embody the mission, vision, guiding principles, clinical vision and goals of WestCare Foundation.

  • Other relevant duties as assigned.

Essential Qualifications:

  • Requires flexibility and ability to adapt to changes in schedule with little notice.

  • Requires ability to be a self-starter

  • Excellent communication skills

  • Excellent people skills and requires ability to work with all ages

  • Excellent planning and Organizational skills


  • A minimum of a High School Diploma, GED; or preferable working towards a degree in related field; or comparable years of qualifying experience.

Working Conditions:

  • Indoor and outdoor setting

  • Fast paced environment

  • Potential for high noise level at times

  • The normal work routine involves no exposure to blood, body fluids,or tissues, BUT exposure or potential exposure may be required as a condition of employment. Appropriate personal protective equipment will be readily available to every employee engaged in Category II tasks.

Essential Physical and Mental Demands of the Job The employee must be able to perform the following essential duties and activities with or without accommodation:

Physical Demands:

  • Requires mobility and physical activity: Having an adequate range of body motion and mobility to work in an off residential, or outdoor environment including standing and walk (even and un surfaces), sitting for extended periods of time, bending, twisting, reaching, balancing, occasional lift and carrying of up to 30 pounds. Use of computer and telephone systems is required which includes coordination of eye and hand, and fine manipulation by the hand (typing, writing, and working with fi Requires the ability to defend oneself and clients in physically abusive situations through the use of approved physical de-escalation techniques.

  • Requires talking: Expressing or exchanging ideas by means of the spoken word. Talking is required to impart oral information to employees, clients, patients, and the public, and in those activities in which the employee is required to convey detailed or imprint spoken instructions to others accurately, loudly, or quickly.

  • Requires hearing: Hearing is required to receive and communicate detailed info through oral communication.

  • Requires seeing: Clarity of vision at 20 inches or less and at distance. This factor is required to complete paperwork for many of the employee's essential job functions

  • to observe client behavior and activities in and out of the facility

  • The normal work routine involves no exposure to human blood, body fluids or tissues. However, exposure or potential exposure may be required as a condition of employment. Appropriate personal protective equipment will be readily available to every employee.

Requisition Number: 3290

City: Forest City

State: Iowa

Job Title: Battle Buddy Educator

Area of Interest: Clinical/Counseling