Iowa Employer Administrative Assistant in FORT MADISON, Iowa

Local business looking for an Administrative Assistant position. Daily job duties include: Gather time cards & white sheets from shop, Record time cards, Transfer/delete white sheets, Get billing ready (total time, match up with white sheet, record on PO, attach to file if needed), Make list of jobs that were completed, Pull apart billing from previous day (jobs with file i make copies of invoice & labor sheet), Make list of jobs that were invoiced, Write up hand shippers for PO's received i record shipper number on PO & put in PO book and Enter jobs into the system i record job number on PO & put in the PO book. Other Duties include: Type quotes, get a signature & send quotes via e-mail or fax, stamp & date when sent. Make copy of quotes for quote book, put quote in quote section or give back to whoever needed the quote typed. Look up invoices for customers. Chair Trucks i enter order after received, put order on shop board, get paperwork & labels ready for shipping, make shipping arrangements, label boxes, invoice. Get freight rates for whoever needs them. Put applications on the server & file hard copy in file cabinet. Monthly calendar. Track large jobs to make sure all of PO is invoiced (ie: American Ordnance). Send Federal Mogul blankets off for approval- after approval figure freight and type invoice- after delivered enter invoice into daily billing. Make signs for holiday hours. Make flyers to take to his customers (spring & fall). Various duties for management. Newsletter. Shirt orders for farm stores. First aid cabinets as needed. Derby Day mailings. Huffman Golf Outing mailings. Christmas cards, etc. Competitive benefit package offered