3M Maintenance Multi-Skill Craftsperson ∞ in Ames, Iowa

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Job Description:

3M is seeking a Maintenance Multi Skill Craftsperson for the Abrasives Systems Division located in Ames, Iowa. At 3M, you can apply your talent in bold ways that matter. Here, you go.

Job Summary:

The person hired for the position of Maintenance Multi Skill Craftsperson will be responsible for laying out, facilitating, planning, and documenting the installation, maintenance, repair, placement, modification, troubleshooting, diagnosing, programming, optimization and design of existing and new manufacturing equipment and all the associated control of that equipment, and also for providing production, division engineering, PI&C Engineering and Plant Engineering advanced systems expertise with the ability to program, install and optimize new equipment and controls.

This position provides an opportunity to transition from other private, public, government or military environments to a 3M career.

Primary Responsibilities include but are not limited to the following:

Maintain electronic equipment and components:

  • Repair/replace circuit boards

  • Repair/replace components

  • Maintain communication networks and data systems

  • Troubleshoot/repair/design intrinsic safety

  • Upgrade software and equipment.

Maintain electrical equipment and components:

  • Repair/replace variable frequency drives

  • Troubleshoot/replace transducers

  • Repair/replace solenoids

  • Repair/replace relays and motor starters

  • Repair/replace switches (flow, photo, proximity, level, pressure, etc.)

  • Repair/replace AC motors

  • Repair/replace DC motors.

Program/troubleshoot using programming devices:

  • Program/edit/troubleshoot PLC’s and DCS (programmable systems)

  • Program/edit/troubleshoot transmitters

  • Program/edit/troubleshoot drives (AC, DC, digital, servo)

  • Program/Edit Human Machine Interfaces (HMI) (Operator Interfaces)

  • Interpret PLC diagnostics

  • Program/edit/troubleshoot vision-optical inspection systems

  • Troubleshoot web defect detection systems (Beta Gage)

  • Troubleshoot web defect detection systems (optical and laser).

Troubleshoot/repair mechanical equipment and components:

  • Repair/replace bearings and bushings

  • Replace gear boxes and transmissions

  • Repair, replace, align motors

  • Splice conveyor belts

  • Replace, adjust pump seals

  • Repair, replace clutches, brakes and drive components

  • Repair, replace, align couplings

  • Repair, replace, and change valves.

Troubleshoot/repair pneumatic and hydraulic equipment:

  • Troubleshoot, repair and make standard adjustments to mechanical, hydraulic and pneumatic equipment and machinery including fixed and variable speed power transmission systems and reciprocating piston equipment.

Perform basic machining:

  • Set up and operate shop equipment and portable power tools

  • Use precision measuring equipment for machining.

Install/upgrade equipment:

  • Perform preliminary equipment inspections

  • Run conduit and terminate wiring

  • Conduct Job Safety Analysis (JSA)

  • Install pneumatic lines.

Maintain/troubleshoot hydraulic/pneumatic equipment:

  • Troubleshoot/repair/replace control valves

  • Troubleshoot/repair hydraulic/pneumatic motors

  • Troubleshoot/repair pumps.

Calibrate equipment:

  • Calibrate weight systems

  • Calibrate transmitters and transducers

  • Calibrate and tune control loops

  • Calibrate indicators and readouts

  • Scaling of process variables

  • Maintain gas analyzers.

Perform miscellaneous tasks:

  • Operate a personal computer

  • Create/modify a spreadsheet

  • Create/modify a database for historical trending

  • Create/modify a word-processed database

  • Load and remove programs

  • Demonstrate basic mechanical knowledge

  • Maintain/troubleshoot power and distribution systems.

This position may require:

  • Weekend work

  • Working overtime

  • Rotating shifts

  • Working on holidays as needed

  • Short notice shift coverage

Basic Qualifications:

  • Possess a two-year technical degree from an accredited institution OR five years prior work experience as a maintenance technician in a private, public, government or military work environment AND a high school diploma / GED

Location: Ames, IA

Relocation: Is not authorized

Qualified applicants will be required to take and pass 3M employment testing as a part of the selection process.

3M Ames is a part of the 3M Abrasive Systems Division under the umbrella of our Industrial and Transportation Business. In our Ames facility, we manufacture abrasive (sandpaper) products in thousands of different shapes and sizes, from sheets to discs. Many of the products we produce are used in the woodworking and metal working industries as well as the automotive aftermarket and home improvement industries. Our Mission is to provide industry leading abrasives manufacturing solutions for 3M's North American industrial, transportation, retail, and customer converted products that are effective and relevant for our customers, efficient and reliable for 3M. Our Vision is to be recognized globally as the leading manufacturer of abrasive products vital to our customers' success.

Learn more about 3M’s creative solutions to the world’s problems at www.3M.com or on Twitter @3M.

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