Resources For Human Development, Inc. Addiction Specialist in Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Description/Job Summary

Position Summary

The function of the Addiction Counselor is to provide integrated mental health and substance abuse services to consumers with co-occurring disorders. The Addiction Counselor s job responsibilities include assessment, use of stage-wise interventions, provision of substance abuse group, implementation of harm reduction techniques, and treatment planning.

The RHD East central region ACT program will have an office in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, and a service territory of 60 minute radius from the Cedar Rapids office. The incumbent in this position is a mobile clinician and expected to deliver services to individuals throughout the service territory as scheduled. This position will also support the operation of the program on a rotating on-call, evening, and weekend schedule.

Essential Duties and Functions

• Provide services at times and locations convenient to clients.

• Provide on-call, after-hour support to clients as scheduled.

• Provide face-to-face services in the client s home, in public places, wherever necessary.

• Ensure clients have access to and utilize the ACT after-hours on-call staff for emergencies or after-hour support.

• Utilize Motivational Enhancement Therapy (MET) and Stages of Change techniques to engage and provide treatment to clients.

• Provide clinical treatment for mental health and substance abuse/dependence, incorporating recovery-based, client-centered treatment approaches and harm reduction strategies.

• Assume lead roles with designated clients. Develop, coordinate, and implement treatment, rehabilitation, and support services for these cases.

• Provide relapse prevention training and on-going education as outlined in the treatment plan of clients.

• Provide and coordinate substance abuse assessment, treatment planning, and service delivery tailored to the individual needs of clients with dual disorders of mental illness and substance abuse. Assess the ongoing progress toward planned goals and objectives.

• Develop treatment plans, early intervention plans, and recovery action plans with clients.

• Assist with medication monitoring of self-administration and medication education.

• Perform crisis intervention.

• Provide direct assistance with family of clients in areas such as in-home family education and relationship building.

• Provide transportation assistance to consumers; including public transportation or use of private vehicle. Assist clients in becoming transportation independent.

• Provide assertive outreach when necessary to engage clients.

• Assure continuity of care when client is in the hospital, jail, respite, etc.

• Actively participate in the engagement of new clients into the ACT program many of whom are transitioning from a residential, or inpatient acute level of care.

• Engage in collateral consultation and service coordination planning meetings.

• Submit accurate and on-time chart documentation and reports

• Submit accurate and on-time mileage reimbursement documentation

• Document telephone and face-to-face contacts with consumers on program progress notes (due the next day after face-to-face contact).

• Document all collateral contacts and community-based activities.

• Complete a monthly statistical summary on primary consumers and submit by the first of each month.

• Perform monthly self-audits of all documentation to ensure accuracy

• Maintain up-to-date consumer charts, statistical forms; and other information and documentation as required.


  1. A Bachelor s degree required; Master s degree preferred. Course of study in one of the core behavioral health disciplines or related field including but not limited to psychology, education, counseling, social work, rehabilitation counseling, or general studies with major concentration in a human service related field from an accredited institution.

  2. CADC licensure in the state of Iowa.

  3. Iowa State Driver's License.

  4. The ability to make ethical clinical decisions in demanding situations

  5. The ability to interact professionally with clients, their families and other professionals

  6. Organizational skills; ability to complete documentation timely and accurately

  7. Experience required: 3 yrs of clinical work experience with at least 1 year working with substance abuse.

Resources for Human Development is an equal opportunity employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, age, religion, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, national origin, genetic information, veteran, or disability status.