Intertek Inspector - Independent Contractor in Des Moines, Iowa



Inspector - Independent Contractor

Job Description:


· Receive from the Inspection Coordinator information regarding location of inspection and type of goods to be inspected.

· Coordinate the time and date of the inspection with the site representative.

· Inspect the goods presented by the site representative in accordance with all instructions contained within the Inspection Package, including Special Instructions, and in accordance with the General Rules for Inspectors and the

· Destination Inspection Field Manual Ensure by means of a 100% tally or assure by means of a recognized sampling plan that the quantities are as stated Confirm by means of visual inspection, witness of testing, the review of appropriate quality certificates or lab testing the identity and quality of the goods.

· Record findings on laptop or tablet if available during the course of the inspection and send final inspection report to the Inspection Coordinator within 24 hours of completion of the inspection

· To apply Intertek stickers and/or container seals as required to collect samples if require


· Field based freelance inspectors, may have previous experience in performing housing or insurance inspection.

· This is an “On Demand” position, perfect for a person seeking supplemental income.

· Fluency in reading, writing and speak English.

· Ability to use a digital camera, work with Microsoft applications and portable electronic equipment or computer in order to receive work instructions, to record findings and to send reports to Inspection Coordinator.

· Must have a digital camera, fax and or scanner along with access to a computer.

· Reliable transportation and valid driver’s license since job requires driving. If required must be willing to drive long distance.


Inspection services will be delivered as and when requested by Intertek. Such requests will normally contain, amongst other information, advice of the expected location of the goods, a date or range of dates by which the inspection must be completed, contact information and a description of the goods.

The description of goods is usually supplied by means of a copy of a pro-forma invoice, order or contract between the transacting parties. The request may on occasion also be accompanied by special instructions as to the form or objectives of the inspection.


Intertek is obliged by the WTO agreement and other commitments to provide certain information to exporters upon demand. Whenever requested by an exporter to provide information, other than administrative information concerning particular and specific inspections which have been, or which may be requested of the inspector, the inspector will refer the exporter to the relevant contact at the Issuing Office coordinating the inspection.


· All inspectors must provide a signed copy of the Intertek Contractor Code of Ethics and Zero Tolerance Policy before commencing employment. Inspectors will perform the services required to the highest standards prevailing in the inspection industry and always in accordance with the Intertek Compliance Code.

· At the end of each year’s service inspectors will complete and return the Intertek Contractor’s Self Declaration form before renewal of their Contracts Safety

· The inspector shall be solely responsible for his/her own personal safety when performing inspections on Intertek’s behalf. Safety guidelines form part of the Inspector’s contract employment.


The inspector must ensure that the performance of the services does not create a conflict of interest for him/her and that he/she will take every step necessary to avoid or annul any such conflict which may arise during the term of the contract.


The inspector shall exercise all reasonable care, skill and diligence in performing the assignments in accordance with customary technical and/or business practice. The Inspector's liability in respect of work conducted under this contract is limited to 100 times the fee payable to him/her for the assignment(s) which is/are the subject of the claim and the inspector will retain adequate professional indemnity insurance to cover this amount. Intertek may request to see a copy of the insurance certificate at any time.


We are an Equal Opportunity Employer and do not discriminate against contractors due to veterans status or on the basis of disability. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, or national origin.

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