Iowa Employer Resident Manager in DES MOINES, Iowa

This position oversees 108 apartment units including Valley Acres (78 units) and the Goldbriar Chateau (30 units) on the southwest side of Des Moines. Duties are widely varied, but are focused on keeping a high level of occupancy and maintaining and improving the complex both for existing tenants and prospective tenants. Applicant must live on site at one of the buildings.Weire seeking a nonsmoking person or couple that is organized, flexible, personable, motivated, honest, and able to work largely unsupervised. The applicant must be willing to live on-site in a rent-free two story townhome. Applicant must also be accessible outside normal working hours for occasional emergencies and/or lock-outs. A driveris license, good driving record, and a clear criminal record are required.THE QUALIFIED APPLICANT WILL: 1. Be available to show vacant apartments to prospective tenants. Perform preliminary verifications for rental applications. Execute Rental Agreements for tenants whose applications are approved. Some evening and/or Saturday appointments will be necessary. The ability to use a laptop is needed. Some knowledge of Microsoft Word, and ability to compose grammatically correct, properly punctuated emails is also required. 2. Be able to competently and respectfully communicate and interact with a wide variety of people. Personal intolerances for any group of people based on race, religion, national origin, socioeconomic status, gender, familial status, or sexual orientation, is absolutely unacceptable. 3. Complete or schedule contractors for necessary cleaning, repairs and painting to prepare vacant apartments for future tenants. Organize all aspects of the move out / move in process. 4. Be able to move or assist with moving & installing appliances such as refrigerators, stoves, air conditioners, etc. Also be able to confidently work from a ladder. 5. Complete all necessary snow removal, mowing & trimming. Snow removal will often require working in the very early morning. 6. Consistently keep all halls, laundry yard, parking lot, and other common areas clean and free of debris. 7. Complete or arrange for all necessary maintenance in occupied units and common areas in a timely manner. Keep in communication with residents so they are aware of what will be done and when. Always be courteous to residents and respectful of their apartment and belongings. 8. Be aware of all surroundings at all times and take note of things such as extra people, extra cars, pets, odd behavior, etc. 9. Maintain entire premises in such a way that it is appealing to existing tenants and prospective tenants. Notify office at any time if assistance of any kind is needed. 10. Be on call for emergencies and lock-outs. 11. Deliver notices to current residents. 12. Widely varied misc. duties as needed. COMPENSATION: 1. Rent free two-bedroom townhome with a washer and dryer. ($755/month value.)2. Salary of $35,000 per year, paid bi-weekly. 3. Bonus of $0 - $500 per month based on occupancy and rent collection of 96% and up (both complexes combined). 4. Health insurance through Wellmark & dental insurance through Delta Dental available after two full calendar months of employment. Current employee contribution is $55.00 per paycheck for an individual. Adding a spouse or children is more expensive. 5. Short term disability insurance. 6. Paid holidays i New Yearis Day, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving (2 days), Christmas (2 days). (Manager may be required to work on these dates if there is an emergency such as flooding or a snow storm, etc.) 7. Company paid cell phone. 8. 6 days paid time off in 2018 and 12 days in 2019. 9. Contributions by employer into a Simplified Employee Pension (SEP) plan after 6 months employment. At this time, employer contribution is 3% of employee salary. Employee may also contribute up to 15% of his or her salary. Account is vested immediately.This position will begin mid to late June.