Iowa Employer Production Associate in NEWTON, Iowa

The position is accountable to prep molds, apply multiple layers of fiberglass and other materials, prepare for infusion, infuse, monitor cure, and demold and prep parts. The associate will follow the specific work instructions to complete each process step in an efficient manner. The associate will complete these tasks with a high attention to detail, and meet all quality specifications. Essential Duties and Responsibilities:Lav-up & Mold Close Process- Associates working on molds will perform some of the following tasks: prepare the mold with Gel-coat prior to lay-up. Pull fiberglass off roll onto the mold. Lay-up pieces of fiberglass to specifications marked on the mold. The associate will spray adhesive to allow the fiberglass to stick together and to be uniformly applied throughout the total mold. Prepare the blade to infuse resin and attach vacuum forming hoses properly to uniformly spread resin across the fiberglass.lnstall component parts as appropriate. Close the blade if on a skin mold, and demold when cure times have been properly achieved. Complete necessary quality control checks during work processes as required. Teamwork- Effectively work with 12-15 team members to complete described production tasks. Each associate will communicate and coordinate work activities during the shift. Each person will help each other complete the production process andprepare to execute the next production task while working in a safe manner. Hand Tools- Use utility knives, sanders, scissors, scrapers, fixtures and tape measures to cut and place the fiberglass to specifications. All hand tools will be properly stores indesignated places to ensure they can be easily found at the beginning, and during the shifts. Work instructions- Accountable to follow precise work instructions that have been preapproved by our customer, and prepared by our process and production engineering teams and technical trainer. lt is the accountability of each associate to follow these instructions precisely, and have all their work approved by our quality inspectors for each core process in the lay-up process. Personal Protective Equipment- Accountable daily to wear; (a) safety glasses; (b) full upper closed toed shoes; (c) other PPE as required by defined work area. lt is expected that each associate washes their hands & skin frequently to reduce exposure to resinsand epoxies in the completion of their daily duties. Safety- Each duty will be performed by associates being aware of their surroundings and ensuring their work is completed without injury to self and others. Each person will take the accountability to keep their work area free from debris. Unsafe acts will be eliminated through following these procedures and attention to detail to ensure superior housekeeping during the shift. Production Standards- Duties will be performed in sequence and at a pace that affords the entire blade to be in 30 hours or less across shift(s). lt is the associate's accountability to ensure that we comply with company lunch and break times to be efficient with the production time allocated to our schedules. Working on pace and accurately is key to meet our customers' expectations of blades to be delivered eachweek. Education/ skills/ Experience:High School Education- High school diploma or equivalent preferredTechnical or Vocational Education Desired- Training beyond high school in auto-body repair, painting and composites materials. Experience using small tools and repairing fiberglass surfaces desired. Manufacturing Experience- Prefer 2 years previous direct manufacturing experience working in a manufacturing environment preferred. Mastery of Basic Skills- Reading, writing, math, listening to others, reading a tape measure. Eye Hand Coordination- Ability to place sheets of materials in a uniform pattern. Maturity- Committed to mastering the craft of blade building and has chosen this position as a career path. The learning curve is about six months before all duties