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Bunge (NYSE: BG) is a world leader in sourcing, processing and supplying oilseed and grain products and ingredients. Founded in 1818, Bunge's expansive network feeds and fuels a growing world, creating sustainable products and opportunities for more than 70,000 farmers and the consumers they serve across the globe. The company is headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri and has 25,000 employees worldwide who stand behind more than 350 port terminals, oilseed processing plants, grain facilities, and food and ingredient production and packaging facilities around the world.Core Functions of all Activities:All job duties require attention to safe operation and demonstration of safe work habits and behaviors. This includes the use of appropriate personal protective equipment for the job task.Safety related duties as assigned include but are not limited to safety inspection, assist with lockout tagout and confined space entry, CPR, present safety topics, etc.All duties include general area housekeeping responsibilities.All duties require adherence to Bunge's quality and GMP/HACCP process and procedures.All duties require attention to product specifications and proper product handling.Record data, secure samples and perform necessary process control tests required for successful operation of the facility.All duties require equipment and tank inspection in accordance with safety and operating procedures.Most job duties require employee to successfully complete Bunge's forklift training and certification in order to operate the forklift as part of job duties.Evaluate work areas, respond to alarms, assist with housekeeping controls in packaging/production areas All other duties as assigned.Bagger Key Duties:Operate equipment safely and productively.Ensure correct lot number and pallet weights are recorded.Inspect bag and seal integrity.Stack bags and ensure pallet balance and security.Collect Samples for quality testing.Warehouse Key Duties:Load/unload shipments.Responsible for filling product orders.Responsible for accurate record keeping of warehouse inventory of products.Bulk Systems Key Duties:Operate/control loading of bulk trucksEnsure the following elements are focused on: Productivity: Coordinate with area supervisor to plan daily schedule for loading trucksQuality: Analyze conditions by inspecting trailers, potential food safety hazards, and proper sealing of trailers Responsible for directing of product into silos and accurate record keeping of lot numbers and silo inventory.Monitor and adjust flour flow when filling tanks and accurate record keeping of weights, inbound and outbound.Accurately record truck scale, weights and scale tickets.Accurately record keeping of tank seals and documentation.Responsible for tank placement for truck driver pick-up.Additive Mixer Key Duties - Organize and produce additive mixtures for finished flour product:Coordinate with management and area lead the additive production requirements and sustain inventory to meet production needs.Analyze conditions by inspecting inventory, lab results, and insuring proper date specifications are met for additive productEvaluate work areas, respond to alarms, organize and control housekeeping in the additive areaMaterial Handler Key Duties:Organize and control product movement between production and warehouseEnsure the following elements are focused on: Productivity: Coordinate with management or area lead regarding product staging and movement of finished product Quality: Analyze conditions by inspecting inventory, lab results, and insuring that packaging, lot numbers, logs, etc. are accurate. Ensure printing on bags is accurate and correct bags are being used by baggers.Safely stack pallets and totes in warehouse and accurate record keeping is maintained.Responsible for forklift general operations including fluid check and fueling.Skill/Experience Requirements:High School Diploma/GED is not required but welcome Previous operator experience is preferred but not