Timewell Drainage Products Down Stream Technician (Iowa) in Sibley, Iowa

class="vc_tta-title-text">Down Stream Technician (Iowa)

Location: Sibley, Iowa Location: Plainfield, Iowa

Timewell Drainage Products is searching for a Down Stream Technician (DST) responsible for handling and coiling single wall pipe as it comes off the extrusion line and for moving finished coils to an outside holding area. The DST must be safety and quality minded. The DST must maintain a high standard of excellence with all finished coils neatly wrapped and tightly tied. The DST must use care when moving finished coils to avoid injury to themselves and others and to avoid damaging finished tile and plant equipment. This job requires working in a standing position for extended periods of time.

Responsibilities Include:

  • Strict adherence to safe work practices

  • Maintain a neat, clean work area

  • Prompt, timely, effective communication to Operator and Supervisor

  • Preparing maxi spools with cores and strings

  • Monitoring the maxi-coiling process to assure that finished coils are wrapped firmly, neatly, and consistently throughout the entire coil

  • Installing appropriate covering on “socked” tile.

  • Moving finished tile to outside holding area

  • Prepare and complete applicable tracking records

Occasional Duties Include:

  • Assist with yard operations

  • Assist with training new employees


  • High School diploma or GED

  • Forklift certification

  • Conscientious attention to detail and quality

  • Ability to effectively communicate with co-workers and supervisors

  • Ability to work full time schedule with overtime and/or shift swings as needed

  • Ability to lift up to 50 pounds